What can I find in Poolmania?

Poolmania is a website for pool players and clubs in which you will find complete information about pool clubs in your area.

In Poolmania you will be able to upload new clubs you may know by filling in a simple form.

Sign up

How can I sign up into Poolmania?

By completing the process when clicking on “Sign Up”, located on the upper right side of the website. Fill in the form with the following mandatory data:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Password

In case you want to purchase products from our online shop, you will have to add some more data for us to be able to manage your order, for example:

  • Address
  • Population
  • Postal code
  • Province

The rest of data, which you can see by editing the user profile information, can be completed for a correct use of the website. That’s the case of your profile picture that will be shown at your avatar.

What do we need this information for?

So that Poolmania will let you upload information and for you to participate in our community (forum, blog,…)

Pool Clubs

How can I upload a new Pool Club?

Once you have signed up, you need to click on “Add a new Club” located on the left side of the website. Then fill in the information you may know about the club:

  • Number of tables
  • Size of tables
  • Price (per game and per hour)
  • Does it have dartboard?
  • Type of dartboard (offline-online)
  • Does it have cheess or other table games?
  • Price of water, beer and cocktails
  • Etc.


How can I upload a new promotion?

This option is also reserved for pool club that want to upload promotions using their user profile.

If you own or work at a pool club you can contact us at info@poolmania.es to upload new promotions in your club.


How can I place an ad?

You can place your own banner on Poolmania. If you don’t have one, we will design ir for you. You just have to send us your corporate image and the text you want to place on our website and we will manage everything else.


How can I participate in the forum?

You just have to click on “Forum” on the main menu. Remember that you need to login first to participate in the forum.