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How to equip your billiard table so that it is always ready for use

Playing pool is much more than just having a table, a cue and a couple of balls. If you want to enjoy the best playing experience, it is essential to know how to equip your pool table so that it is always ready. To do this, you must know which are the best parts and accessories that will allow you to have a fully equipped and professional pool table.  

It is becoming easier and easier to equip a pool table with all the necessary parts to play like a professional. Thanks to the digitalization of the economy, you have the possibility to purchase all kinds of products, accessories and billiard equipment from the comfort of your home.

To equip your table and always be ready, you just have to access our online store and browse the extensive catalog of billiard products that we put at your disposal. In this way, you can find the best cloths, balls, cushions, triangles, templates, pockets and much more.


Billiard parts to equip your table
If you have already purchased your billiard table, you cannot overlook the purchase of the most important accessories and parts to improve the quality and experience of the game. By visiting our store, you can enjoy multiple promotions, discounts and competitive prices to help you optimize your budget.
Professional pool triangles
One of the fundamental pieces of pool that can not be missing in a pool table are the triangles, as these allow us to organize and align the balls to start playing. In Poolmania we have professional triangles at affordable prices and you can easily purchase them through our online store.
Set of billiard balls
Another of the characteristic pieces of a pool table is a set of billiard balls. This is an indispensable and absolutely necessary piece to enjoy this fun sport.

Depending on your tastes and needs, you can buy different types and sets of billiard balls such as, for example, the Aramith Tournament Pro Cup TV Black 57.2 mm or the Super Aramith Pro-Cup Prestige 61.5 mm.

By buying balls of the best brands, you have the possibility of acquiring a quality billiard ball with great resistance and durability.
Cloths for billiard tables
Among the main billiard table parts that you should purchase to equip your table and keep it always ready, the cloths stand out. With time and constant use of the table, the cloth tends to wear out due to the blows and friction of the balls.

Therefore, you should periodically replace your table cloth with a new one that suits your needs and your budget. Among the most popular types of cloths in our store are the Simonis 860 198 cm cloth, the Simonis 860 HR 198 cm cloth and the Simonis 760 198 cm cloth, all of them with an exceptional quality-price ratio.

All you have to do is analyze the characteristics of each of the options available in our store and choose the ideal model for your table.
Adhesive templates for billiard tables
One of the billiard items that you can include in your shopping list are the adhesive templates. They are a versatile and convenient alternative to triangles that help you organize the balls in a very quick and easy way.

It is important to note that there are different types of templates for each game mode. You can find templates for 8, 9 and 10 ball games, just choose the one that fits your preferred game mode.
Articles for the maintenance of billiard balls
Among the billiard pieces that you should not miss are the articles and products for the maintenance and care of the balls. In our online store, you not only have the opportunity to buy products such as ball regenerators, but you can also purchase ball cleaners from brands such as Aramith.

You even have the possibility to find equipment specially designed to ensure the proper maintenance and care of billiard balls. For example, you can purchase ball cleaning machines that perform all the maintenance work in an automated way.

One of the best machines for this task is the BallStar ball cleaner, whose operating system allows you to leave the balls as good as new.
Billiard table covers
Finally, table covers are one of the most important billiard table parts, as they allow you to keep your table clean and prevent it from getting dusty and dirty when you are not using it.

As you can see, equipping your pool table and keeping it always in tip-top shape is a task that requires multiple accessories and billiard parts. Therefore, if you want to make your purchases quickly, economically and conveniently, in Poolmania we invite you to take a look at our online store to learn about all the pool products that are available to you.